Silver lining

Jun 19, 2014, 07:15 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Head to a performance by city-based band, Silver, that mixes diverse genres — from Rock to Blues

Silver, known for their energetic performances and inspiring sound, is set to give the city a heady listening experience, today.

The city-based band, including Mahesh Niroula (vocals), Savio Sebastian (guitar and vocals), Rishi Rai (bass and vocals), Amit Godse (drums and percussion) and Vibhas Sawar (keyboard, guitar and vocals), experiments with many genres of music, from Funk to Rock and Blues.

Silver band member
Band memebers

“Our music touches various genres because all the band members have different tastes in music. Rishi is into Funk and Progressive while Amit is into modern drumming and Rock music. I personally prefer Metal while Savio prefers music from the 70s and the 80s. It is surprising that we came up with one piece without much discussion,” says Niroula, adding that it actually helps in making music, because all diverse approaches create something interesting.
The band came into being in 2007, but was on hibernation mode for the last one year after the launch of their first album, Silver, in 2012.

Niroula explains the reasons, “We were all stuck with our personal lives. But as independent musicians we were not out of touch. We had planned to come back with a bang.”

The band that has composed several originals such as Feel the Heat and Funkie Junkie and had a good run with their first album. They will soon release their second album as well. “We are planning it on a very serious note. Closest thing to divinity is music and we want our listeners to feel that by making meaningful songs,” concludes Niroula.

On: Today, 8.30 pm
At: Hard Rock Cafe, Mundhwa
Call: 67258888

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