Small film with a big heart

May 03, 2012, 07:44 IST | Special Features

When Navin (Purab Kohli) dies on the eve of his wedding to Nandini (Gul Panag), he reaches heaven (which resembles a mantralaya office) to discover, only too late, that the clerk in heaven made a mistake and brought up the wrong person.

His only option to go back to Nandini is to head back in an obese, sweaty fatso’s aka Sudeep’s (Ranvir Shorey) body. From being the sharpest and coolest boy of the gang, Navin is now stuck in a body that won’t listen to him and won’t help him win back Nandini. Talk about being in the wrong body at the worst time!

Fatso is a much-talked-about comedy, starring Ranvir Shorey, Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Neil Bhoopalam and Gunjan Bakshi. Directed by Rajat Kapoor and produced by Pritish Nandy Communications and Daily Multimedia Ltd, the film is set to hit theatres on Friday, May 4 and is a mass entertainer. CS tells you more about it:

Plot of laughter
Navin (Purab Kohli) is thrilled to have found true love in the form of Nandini (Gul Panag). But his fat friend Ranvir Shorey (Sudeep) doesn’t have a girlfriend, and isn’t likely to find one either. Just before his wedding, Navin dies in a car crash and is taken to heaven. But it turns out that, because of a clerical error in heaven, Navin was bumped off instead of Sudeep. Navin is sent back to earth and allotted the body of Sudeep. Now, the moot point is how Navin in the body of the obese and unattractive Sudeep woos his girlfriend who thinks he’s dead.

Weighty issue
Actor Ranvir Shorey who gained 20 kilos to play the lead in Fatso tells us, “For Fatso, I had to gain 15-20 kilos. It was needed because we couldn’t afford prosthetics and make up around chin, neck and arms. Though I wore a fat suit for the body, the face needed to look proportionate as well. It was quite a health risk as I developed high blood pressure due to the sudden weight gain. If it hadn’t been a Rajat Kapoor film, maybe I wouldn’t have done it. It’s my third film with Rajat and I have great faith in him.”

Director’s take
Rajat Kapoor, the director of Raghu Romeo and Mithya has made the film. He tells us, “This script has been with me for about three years and I have always felt that this might be the most commercial film that I have done so far. Once in a while, you get an idea that has the potential to be liked by a huge number of people. I believe, ‘Fatso’ has that potential.” Fatso has already been part of several international festivals including the South Asian International Film Festival in New York, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles and Shanghai International Film Festival. 

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