Smooth ride to Kanheri Caves from next month

May 03, 2014, 01:52 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

SGNP officials concretising pothole-ridden roads leading to the caves; visitors rue over the lack of signboards informing them about repairs

The next time you visit Kanheri Caves inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park during monsoon, you will have a smooth ride up to the caves as the park authorities have commenced repair work of the pothole-ridden road.

The work is expected to conclude by June.

While the concretisation work is on, those visiting the caves expressed their displeasure with the authorities over non-installation of signboards  to warn people about the ongoing work.

Visitors complained that they had to brave the scorching heat and walk all the way from Tulsi gate to the caves, which literally is an uphill task. The only signboard the authorities have installed is the one near the Tulsi gate.

Prathamesh Kavade, an Andheri resident who recently visited SGNP with his friends, said, “It is good to see that the road towards Kanheri is finally being repaired. During monsoon, driving or riding on this pothole-ridden road is a difficult task.

“However, the authorities should have installed proper boards about the ongoing work. In the current scenario, motorists are forced to leave their vehicles near Tulsi gate and walk all the way up.”

Authorities said the road which is being is important, as it plays a vital road during patrolling.

“We have started relaying the CC Road between Kanheri Caves and the tourism zone because it was in a bad state. Just like the visitors, even our patrolling team faced issues while using this road.

The work started a month ago and will be done before the monsoon,” said a senior forest department official. 

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