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Apr 26, 2013, 02:28 IST | Dhara Vora

New vegetarian restaurant The Leaf offers a variety of cuisines for the vegetarians of Mulund

A family dinner in Mulund means that one member has to sacrifice eating the cuisine of their choice. Not anymore. Month-old restaurant, The Leaf, is all set to change this by making Pesto Pasta and Paneer Handi, all available under the same roof. The restaurant offers pizzas, pastas, sizzlers, Thai and Chinese cuisine, Indian breads and vegetable preparations, South Indian food and also some Mexican dishes.

The Leaf Special Pizza

We dropped by for dinner mid-week and the place was already full. We took the yellow lighting, simple tasteful interiors and quite a crowd waiting for tables as a good sign. Our first order was Penne Paprika (Rs 240) and The Leaf Special Pizza (Rs 250). The service was a bit slow (perhaps due to the crowd) but the pasta was worth it. Perfectly cooked penne in a creamy alfredo sauce spiked with chilli and pepper made for a good start. The Leaf Special Pizza mentioned a stuffed base in the menu, which wasn’t available. However, to make up for it they served us a 10-inch thin crust pizza on the house instead of our 7-inch order. The cheese-laden pizza topped with sun-dried tomatoes and bits of paneer was quite satiating.

Kiwi Jumbo. Pics/ Dhara Vora

As for their mocktails’ section, not everything on the menu was available, so we only ordered a Kiwi Jumbo (Rs 120). The soda-infused drink wasn’t blended properly with its syrup and was simply too sweet. Finally, we ordered a Paneer Lasooni Tikka (Rs 150) and Paneer Handi (charged Rs 150, the menu read Rs 170). The Tikka made for a good starter, but is not meant for those who prefer theirs spicy. Our only grouse with the Paneer Handi was that it was loaded with oil. Still, the creamy gravy went well with our Garlic Naan (Rs 37) and Kulcha (Rs 30).

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