Soon, ID cards for milkmen and lessons on milk purity

May 19, 2012, 06:31 IST | Urvashi Seth

On World Milk Day on June 1, FDA will ensure milk vendors have identity cards, broadcast a radio jingle, compose a caller tune, and take strict action against adulterators

In June, don’t be surprised if you see your milkman sporting an identity card or hear a radio jingle about milk adulteration or a caller tune informing you of ways to identify original milk packets. To celebrate World Milk Day on June 1, the ministry of food and drug administration (FDA) will embark on a month-long campaign to make consumers aware of various ways to identify milk adulteration. FDA has vowed to enforce tougher measures for milk distributors and vendors found contaminating milk packets.

Look before you sip! FDA has vowed to enforce tougher measures for milk distributors and vendors found contaminating milk packets. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

As part of its varied measures, FDA has made it mandatory for distributors to issue identity cards to all their vendors. It’s planning to broadcast a radio jingle as well. “Soon after our meeting with the representatives of cooperative milk federations and private agencies engaged in the dairy business, FDA minister Satej alias Bunty D Patil decided on the campaign and resolved to take it to new heights,” said Suresh Deshmukh, joint commissioner (food).

“It is the job of the distributor to issue identity cards to respective vendors. We request consumers to buy milk from only registered vendors and distributors, as chances of adulteration will be minimal due to the stringent quality checks that the department will be undertaking,” said Deshmukh. “We have also decided to compose a radio jingle that will educate listeners about the new food safety standards act, and how one should only buy products from registered vendors,” he said. Apart from the jingle, the department has also decided to equip its employees’ mobile phones with a caller tune that will instruct consumers on the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Act. 

“Whosoever calls any FDA official, they will hear this caller tune. Also, pamphlets will be distributed to all vendors and distributors, educating them about the FSSAI laws, and how to identify genuine milk packets from adulterated ones,” said Deshmukh. Apart from the awareness campaign, FDA is also planning to come down heavily on unscrupulous milk vendors and distributors. “We are going to conduct surprise checks on milk units starting next month, and we will collect samples of milk from them. Stern action will be taken against vendors if found guilty.”

Identifying adulteration
>> Always see if your milk packets are curved at the end, as these are the genuine ones.
>> Drop a little milk on a slightly tilted flat surface, if the milk runs down immediately then the chances of water being mixed in it are high.
>> Make sure that your vendor has an FDA licence, and an identity card certified by his distributor.  

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