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Sep 13, 2013, 09:00 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

DJ Vinayaka is set to enthrall with his Electronica sounds

DJ Vinayaka aka Vinayak Karthikayan’s musical journey started when he was just a kid, and was obsessed with musical instruments like the tabla and harmonium. Today, he enthralls audiences across cities with his Electronica sounds. The Guide chatted with the DJ who is inspired by Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson.

Excerpts from an interview:

Starting off young
I was inclined towards music from a young age and eventually I began to learn to play musical instruments. I loved music as a kid. Hence, I learned Classical music while I was in Jamshedpur and got well-versed with the guitar, harmonium and tabla. Now, after becoming a DJ, it gives me an enthralling feeling to play in front of a huge number of audience in the music fests and pubs, as well.

New EP on the anvil
I have regularly been visiting Pune and have played on several occasions for the crowds here. For this edition, I will be playing some Experimental and Progressive music which I personally like. Also, I will be presenting my new EP Set Us Free that was recently released and which is a remix of Martin Garrix’s Set us free.

DJing has grown for good
This field has grown quite rapidly in India. Almost every other event, from a regular birthday party to a wedding, has a DJ. It is actually a good thing but many times scant attention is paid to the kind of music played on the occasion. Otherwise, people are having a great time with many DJs bringing experimental and fresh music for them.

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