Mar 10, 2013, 11:13 IST | Tunali Mukherjee

Craving a scoop of ice cream, but diet playing spoilsport? Get an ice cream manicure or pedicure sans the guilt. What about some caviar for the evening? Not to eat but on your skin for instant glow! Or an exotic fruit treat for the back? Get teased by spa therapies, says Tunali Mukherjee

Summer is just around the corner, so when the folks at Nailspa, the luxury spa on Linking Road in Khar, told us about their recently launched ice cream manicure and pedicure ritual, we couldn’t resist.

The scoops of salts used in the ice-cream manicure and pedicure are inedible, but they look and smell just like your favourite ice-cream! Pics/ Pradeep Dhivar

At first, we weren’t quite sure if blobs of cold, molten ice cream running through the fingers and toes would be relaxing at all, but one look at the colourful scoops of on display put all apprehensions to rest. After all who can resist ordering a dose of ‘Kesar Pista’ or ‘Hawaiin Blue’ for the cuticles. Oh yum!

Ice-cream-flavoured salt scoops used at Nail Spa, Khar

However, if you think you can bite into the ‘ice cream’ the manicurist has liberally spread over your fingers, you’re in for a surprise. These scoops may look and smell like ice cream, but in reality, are salts that aren’t even cold to touch. You wouldn’t want it to melt, right,” reasons the spa manager. True that.

If sitting with your hands and feet immersed in bright coloured and deliciously smelling froth doesn’t make you hungry, wait till they leave the caramel mask on you to dry and take effect — The Me! bath products used in this treatment smell like the real thing, so I did try taking a generous lick off my fingers. (Note: I didn’t ask for seconds.) The treatment is meant to make you hungry and last through the day. Even the manicurist’s eyes glazed over at the whiff of these products.

After a wonderful massage with another delicious smelling moisturiser, this mani-pedi will leave you happy enough to paint your nails a bright shade of ice cream pink or yellow. And even if it did cost almost Rs 2000 (Rs 950 for the manicure and Rs 1000 for the pedicure) I had enough left to head straight to an ice cream parlour to satisfy that craving.


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