SpiceJet passengers stranded at Mumbai airport for 7 hours

Sep 08, 2014, 08:17 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

The 9.05 am Delhi-bound flight was first delayed by two-and-a-half hours; passengers were then asked to deplane after a technical glitch, and it finally reached at 5.50 pm on Sunday

What was expected to be a routine flight to Delhi, turned out to be a seven-hour ordeal for passengers of a SpiceJet plane, which was delayed by seven hours, wrecking plans for many who were looking forward to reaching their destination before noon on Sunday.

Passengers in the SpiceJet flight, expecting to arrive in Delhi at around 11 am, ended up reaching their destination almost at 6 pm
Passengers in the SpiceJet flight, expecting to arrive in Delhi at around 11 am, ended up reaching their destination almost at 6 pm

The Delhi-bound flight SG-106 was scheduled to take off from Mumbai airport at 9.05 am, but passengers were left frustrated and clueless about their travel plans, as they were allegedly not provided any updates or information by the crew members of the flight.

The flight was initially delayed by two-and-a-half hours, after which passengers were asked to board the aircraft around 11.30 am. However, when the plane was on the taxiway, passengers first complained of non-functioning air conditioners and, soon, one of them raised an alarm that he could smell smoke. The captain asked them to deplane immediately and passengers were again left in the waiting area.

According to passengers, their requests for an update about the flight from the crew fell on deaf ears. Finally, at around 3 pm, they were shifted to an alternate aircraft, which took another hour to take off and reached Delhi at 5.50 pm.

“We felt as though we are being taken for granted by the airlines. They told us that the flight would take off by 3.15 pm, but we kept waiting for an update till 3.50 pm. We are tired and furious, as the journey consumed our entire Sunday,” said a frustrated passenger.

The other side
Sources claim that the aircraft was deplaned due to issues with the Environmental Control System (ECS). However, the airline has refused to elaborate on the reason. The official spokesperson of SpiceJet said, “The aircraft faced technical glitches that led to the delay. We swapped planes and the passengers reached Delhi safely. We provided them complimentary food on ground as well has during the flight.”


Priyanka Aditya
Versova resident going to Delhi to take her pilot training exam

I wanted to take a morning flight because I wanted to study peacefully in Delhi for my exams due tomorrow (Monday). Even with the possibility of rain causing delay, I was hoping to reach Delhi by lunch. However, I was stuck in Mumbai till evening. I could neither study nor relax. Had the crewmembers informed us it was going to take such a long time, I would have immediately booked the next flight going to Delhi and reached on time.

Jiji Polikotal
Delhi resident who was on an official tour to Mumbai and was returning home

Just because they gave us refreshments does not mean that it can placate passengers. Thankfully, my family was not accompanying me, as it would have been frustrating for them to wait. There were many children and older people in the flight, and the situation had become unbearable for them. This was the first time I had opted to fly with SpiceJet and wanted to have a relaxing Sunday after my flight, but all my plans went for a toss.

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