Sports will always remain first love, says Tendulkar

May 03, 2012, 09:24 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Master Blaster talks about decision to enter Parliament and more

Amidst some amount of controversy and mixed reactions over his decision to enter Parliament, Sachin Tendulkar defended his decision for the very first time stating that sports is, and always be his first love.

Sachin was in the city to attend a felicitation ceremony organised by a construction company on Tuesday at Ganesh Kala Krida.

Well done: Kishore Pate, CMD of Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd, felicitates Sachin Tendulkar. Also seen are Mayor Vaishali Bankar, MP Supriya Sule and MP Vandana Chavan.  Pic/Ishan Ghosh 

Responding to a question about his decision to accept nomination as an MP, Sachin said, “I am not a politician. I am a sportsman and will continue playing my game. It is not common for the Honorable President to nominate one for such a high responsibility. I would like to use this opportunity to work for various sports and sportsmen because apparently, I have received this opportunity due to my long spree in a sport. At the same time, I will not stop playing cricket, it’s my life. However, I need the public’s support as always in my new innings as an MP.”

The master blaster, now playing an important inning in the highly demanding IPL season, also imparted his de-stress mantra to the gathering.

All about life
“It is human tendency to remember unpleasant experiences of the past, instead of the good ones. It’s like your thinking process while a bowler is throwing a ball at you. You do not know how it will turn. It’s the same with life; take it as it comes. Do not pressurise yourself by thinking about the past or future. Be happy and make others happy,” he said.

Tools of the trade: Sachin inaugurates the Blades of Glory display yesterday at the Cricket Museum founded by Rohan Pate

Good old days
Old memories were relived as cricketer and journalist, Sundan Lele, interviewed Sachin. The master blaster said that the match against Pakistan in 2003 World Cup was the biggest match of his life.

“I was restless many days before the actual encounter. Everyone had very high expectations from this match. Unfortunately, I got out at 98, but the most important thing for me was to win the match, which we did,” Sachin said.

The audience received the cricketer’s words warmly and they acknowledged by waving the souvenir bats signed by him.

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