Stay plugged with HITZ MA350

Oct 06, 2013, 09:15 IST | Siddharth Parwatay

The HITZ MA350 is a colourful, convenient and nice sounding in-ear headset

The HITZ MA350 in-ear headset is available in a variety of trendy colours. The dual-tone effect due to to the translucent tips and the colour of the housing makes them quite easy on the eyes; the angular cut design with the Creative logo embossed in a reflective surface adds to the charm.

Creative stresses on the term ‘isolating’ on its product page and indeed they provide great isolation using quality silicon tips (available in three sizes). The headphones sport a flat tangle-free cable just like the Cowon EM1 but gains a few points in the features department thanks to its sliding volume control switch and gold plated connector.

Performance-wise they’re slightly ahead giving you sharp highs without the flatlining bass of the EM1. Some of our bass heavy test tracks such as Hatesong by Porcupine Tree or Angel by Massive Attack sounded fairly nice. You got that skull jarring effect without the usual rolloffs. The only trouble we had was with the lack of a clip that could’ve reduced cablemicrophonics. Priced similar to the iDance EB-X203, or the indigenous Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements they’re ahead in terms of performance and looks. Though the pricing is still on the higher side to secure a value-for-money or to make them an instant recommendtion. They are still highly-recommended for bass-heads who want fidelity in frequency ranges and are willing to pay a slight premium for the quality.

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