Stray dog wreaks havoc in Harkanagar

Jun 28, 2013, 08:43 IST | Anup Satphale

It has bitten 25 people so far; when locals contacted PMC's sanitary inspector, they were allegedly told to make a trap and catch the canine by themselves

A stray dog has wreaked havoc in Harkanagar area in Bhavani Peth and some 25 residents including several elderly women, and children have been injured by dog bites on Wednesday night.

When residents approached civic body’s sanitary inspector, they were allegedly told to catch the dogs by themselves by making traps.

A dog entered Harkanagar and caught a small boy who was rescued by a rickshaw driver, Akram Shaikh.

Shaikh said, “When I was returning from work at around 8.30 pm I saw a dog attacking a small boy. I caught the dog by the neck but it attacked me and injured me.”

Naren Jadhav, another resident, said, “A dog also entered a house near mine and attacked a girl. When we call the dog cell of the PMC they said it is not possible to send a squad and asked us to make a trap. The dog bit around 20 people and some youth also tried to kill the dog.”

Varsha Mhetre, the girl was sitting in her house when the dog attacked, said, “I was sitting in my house and reading a book when suddenly a dog entered and attacked me. I tried to save my face and it bit my hands. I have to take seven injections for this.”

The dog then left the lane and entered another house and attacked a senior citizen and a small 4-year-old child.

Jayshree Ajmerkar was cooking a meal, when the dog bit her on her thighs and calf. “Somehow, I managed to escape,” she said.

Rizwaha Tamboli, whose brother-in-law Imtiaz was injured, said, “He went outside for prayers and the dog bit his thigh. I went to the balcony and saw the incident. By the time I went outside it had escaped.”

Sanitary Inspector A B Shendge said, “I got a call about the incident but as it was nighttime we could not sent the dog squad. The dog was caught from Kashewadi area.”

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