Student pays pen-Alty for teasing classmate

Aug 30, 2012, 07:18 IST | Priyanka Dhomse

Std VIII student accidentally stabs colleague with a pen millimetres below his left eye

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword probably didn’t see this coming. A Std VIII student almost lost an eye after a friend he was teasing accidentally struck him on the face with the writing instrument. The incident took place at Shivaji High School, Kalachowkie. The nib punctured a hole millimetres below the victim’s left eye.

Omkar Shinde is a student of Shivaji High School, Kalachowkie
Sorry Sight: Omkar Shinde is a student of Shivaji High School, Kalachowkie

Omkar Shinde, who stays at Jijamata Nagar in Abhuday Nagar, was in the classroom needling his friend Niketan Ramane. Niketan lost his temper and tried to hit Omkar on the back, forgetting that he was holding a pen. At the same time, Omkar turned around and the tip of the pierced a hole near his left eye.

“There was no teacher present in the class at the time, as the incident occurred within minutes of the previous period ending. My colleagues took me to the staff room and then the teachers immediately took me to KEM hospital,” Omkar told MiD DAY.

“I was in the another classroom on invigilation duty as exams for Std IX and X are on. When I came to know about this episode, we took a cab and rushed Omkar to KEM hospital, where doctors treated him and removed the nib of the pen, which was stil sticking out under his left eye,” said Bhikaji Narekar, a teacher from Shivaji High School.

Omkar was admitted to the ophthalmic department of KEM hospital after an X-ray and a CT scan.

“His eye is normal now. For further treatment we will shift him to the ENT (eye, nose, throat) department as the bones below his eye have got a floor fracture,” said a doctor from the ophthalmic department. 

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