Students suspended after teacher shows obscene image at US school

May 04, 2014, 08:06 IST | Agencies

School teacher flipped on a projector with the image of a 'woman in a compromising position'

Kansas: Two students of a high school in Kansas City, Kansas got the shock of their lives when they were suspended after their teacher flipped on a classroom projector that revealed an obscene image.

Laura Lester’s daughter was in her first hour biology class where the incident took place. Laura said, “When she came home from school she was crying her eyes out. She was unable to even speak.” Eventually, the girl narrated the incident describing the image as, “a naked woman in a compromising position.”

Lester’s daughter was so stunned by the image that she took a picture, which showed the teacher’s laptop and projector with the background shot of the woman, and sent it to her boyfriend asking him what to do. Karen Winkel’s son sent the image to his friend, who uploaded it to his Facebook page.

A two-day suspension was issued to the children of Lester and Winkel after their actions. Under Kansas law, the parents have little recourse in reversing the school’s decision.

The teacher in the middle of the case has been employed by the school district since 2002. David Smith, spokesman for Kansas City Public Schools, said the school, “works very hard to maintain strong relationships with parents and continues to be willing to sit down with the parents in this case and work through any issues.” Smith, however, refused to comment about whether the teacher would be punished.

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