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Aug 14, 2013, 04:41 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Pune Style Week kickstarts with elan from August 16. The Guide caught up with designers Rocky S and Mona Pali whose collections are all set to scorch the ramp on Day One, at the show

The Signature Premier Style Week 2013 (August 16 to 18) is all set to kickstart in the city and shower it with glamour and celebrities. The event will feature edgy, vivacious and trendsetting designs. Topnotch designers like Rocky S, Jattin Kochhar, AD Singh and Monapali will be showcasing their collection at the event.

Mona Lamba, Pali Sachdev

Speaking about his collection for the Style Week, designer Rocky S, says, “I launched a new label last year: Rocky Star. I will be showcasing it in this Style Week for the first time, in Pune. It’s an out-and-out glamorous red carpet collection meant for today’s women, who are confident and want to stand out in the crowd.

Rocky S 

Inspired by the 1920s, every garment will be in black, which is ideal for cocktail parties and fashion events. It’s specially for females who are body-conscious and like to don long gowns and dresses. I have done a lot of texturing on them and most of the garments are hand-crafted. The collection is a result of three months of hard-work.”

Mona Pali (run by Mona Lamba and Pali Sachdev) will be opening the much-anticipated Signature Premier Style Week. Commenting about the collection, Lamba says, “The focus and accent for our Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is on weaves and handlooms.

A Mona Pali creation
A Mona Pali creation

The collection is an explosion of colour as bright-coloured weaves are set off with coordinated tones. Weaves of India come alive in this collection; weaves in stripes, checks and geometric patterns are teamed with those of more natural and traditional forms keeping the contrast alive. Our focus silhouette this season is the sari. To add an avant garde touch to the designs, we have mixed an assortment of mediums, techniques and art forms like handpaint, handloom and weaves. We have showcased our collection in Pune on numerous occasions.”


The designers also talk about the fashion scene in the city. Lamba says, “Pune has a very refined taste in fashion and is completely up to date with the trends. In fact, we feel that our clients in Pune are open to new silhouettes, crafts and trends. Fashion in Pune is on par with cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Today, fashion is a global village and fashion across the world is just a click away.”

A sneak-peek at Rocky S' collection
A sneak-peek at Rocky S’ collection

Rocky S observes that the fashion scene in Pune is more vibrant than in Mumbai. He says, “I love Pune. It has become much wilder than Mumbai with numerous destinations that flaunt the latest fashion. People here are aware of fashion and are accepting newer brands openly.” Mona Pali will be opening the Pune Style Week night on August 16 while Rocky S will display his collections with the closing act on the same night. 

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