Summer just got cooler

May 11, 2012, 07:25 IST | Soma Das

Beat the heat by heading to this new yoghurt shop in Kemps Corner that offers over 20 toppings to choose from

Our first introduction to 6th Street Yogurt was through their Facebook page, which had us hooked with images of delectable-looking frozen yoghurts, prompting us to visit the outlet that very day.  A large board directed us to the tiny shop where three enthusiastic youngsters were busy explaining and serving various combinations of frozen yoghurts with toppings. The walls are dotted with bright pink post-its featuring gushy customer testimonials.

Zeeshan Kazi dishes up an Indulge-size  frozen yogurt  

During our visit, we saw hordes drop by — a testament to the popularity of the three-month-old shop that is the brainchild of childhood friends Asif Rizvi (24) and Zeeshan Kazi (24). It was while working in Texas, USA that Rizvi chanced upon the famous party destination: Sixth Street, which is the inspiration behind the store’s name. After a year’s planning, the duo were in business.

Right up our street
At 6th Street, there are four flavours of frozen yoghurt to choose from: Original (plain), Strawberry, Raspberry and Chocolate. Once you decide on the yoghurt, you can customise your frozen dessert from 25 toppings that include fresh fruit, marshmallows and gummy bears. We were informed that they introduce new flavours and toppings every few days. Based on the size of the serving, the frozen yogurt is divided into Savour (Rs 50), Indulge (Rs 70), Splurge (Rs 140) and Feast (Rs 180), with toppings costing Rs 20 to Rs 25 each. They also offer parfaits (Rs 170) or frozen yogurts stacked with several toppings. Smoothies are also listed in the menu, but they weren’t serving any on the day that we visited.

Early Bird parfait is made from original frozen yogurt, granola, fresh fruits and honey. Pics/ Bipin Kokate 

 The first thing we laid our hands on was the Chocolate frozen yogurt, which had an Oreo-cookie base and comes drizzled with Ferrero Rocher sauce and chocolate poppers. Our chocolate-loving companion was, however, disappointed and didn’t find it chocolate-y enough. The Ferrero Rocher sauce and the chocolate poppers, however, did complement the yoghurt, in terms of flavour. Next up, we tried the Raspberry frozen yogurt, which had a base of cheesecake crumbs and blueberry compote, topped with strawberries. We loved the play of flavours and didn’t feel guilty indulging in the treat, as the ingredients seemed ‘healthy’.

The Strawberry frozen yogurt with Ferrero Rocher sauce and fresh strawberries tasted heavenly. The tang of the strawberries was the perfect foil for the chocolate sauce. Before calling it a night, we asked for the Early Bird parfait, which is made with original frozen yogurt, and is topped with kiwi fruit, honey and granola. This turned out to be an addictive dessert, thanks largely to the honey. Death by frozen yogurt, anyone?

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