Sushil, Yogeshwar may return Olympic medals

Mar 08, 2013, 09:11 IST | IANS

India's wrestling icons Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt yesterday said they won't hesitate to return their Olympic medals if it helps the sport stay at the 2020 Games

Their comments come after two foreign wrestlers returned their Olympic medals last month to protest against the decision of the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games.

Sushil Kumar

“We will return our medals if it helps to keep wrestling in the Olympics. We are what we are because of the game and it is much bigger than the individual,” said Yogeshwar, London Olympics bronze winner, at the launch of ‘Push for Wrestling’ campaign.

Sushil, the first Indian to win medals in back-to-back Olympics, echoed the sentiments of his childhood friend.

Yogeshwar Dutt

“We just started doing well in wrestling and it will be a great loss to India if the sport is not there in 2020. Many kids who have taken up the sport are already aiming for an Olympic medal,” said the bronze winner of Beijing and silver medallist in London.

Sushil added: “So far, our seniors and coaches have not advised us to return the medals but we won’t hold back from doing that if the need arises.” 

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