Suspecting she was having an affair, jealous 68-year-old murders his 61-year-old wife

Feb 25, 2013, 07:14 IST | Akela

Cops on lookout for retired railway employee who would bicker with passers-by who he thought ogled at his wife; he allegedly stabbed her on Saturday, doubting her fidelity

The Ulhasnagar-I police have booked a 68-year-old former railway employee for murdering his 61-year-old wife, as he suspected her of having an affair. Police said the accused, Jahangir Pawar, absconded after stabbing his wife over a dispute. A manhunt has been launched for him.

According to the police, Pawar, who used to work for the Central Railway until a decade ago, suspected his wife Vijayantabai (61) of being in an extramarital relationship, which led to frequent quarrels between the couple. Pawar believed that the man his wife was allegedly seeing, stayed in their locality. Doubt and
jealousy made him trail Vijayantabai whenever she would step out of the house on errands. He practically stalked his own wife, cops said.

Envy kills
“He was possessive about Vijayantabai to the extent that he even restricted her movement out of the house. In case of emergency, the accused always accompanied his wife if she had to go out,” an officer from Ulhasnagar-1 police station said on the condition of anonymity.

Police said that around 11.45 pm on Saturday, Pawar’s sons, who had come from their hometown Jalgaon, returned to their Ulhasnagar house after dinner, and found their mother lying in a pool of blood. Their father was missing.

Vijayantabai had wounds on several parts of her body. A knife was found next to her. They rushed her to the civic-run Central Hospital where she was declared dead during treatment.

Following the incident, Pawar’s 21-year-old son Pawan alias Babasaheb registered an FIR with the local police

“We have booked Pawar on the charge of murder. He is absconding,” said Shashikant Chavhan of Ulhasnagar-I police station.

No eyeballing
Pawar, police said, is mentally unstable. He was prone to picking fights with pedestrians every now and then, alleging that they gawked at his 61-year-old wife.

“If someone accidentally got physically close to his wife even by a few inches, he would create a ruckus in the middle of the road,” the officer added.

Last year, Pawar’s second son’s wife had committed suicide because Pawar, it is alleged, mentally harassed her. Police had arrested him but he was released on bail.

A native of Jalgaon and a resident of Bhimnagar, Ulhasnagar-1, Pawar retired from service at the Central Railway in 2004. He is a father of three sons and three daughters.

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