Sweet tooth for a sweet cause

Sep 28, 2012, 10:44 IST | Dhara Vora

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Chocolate Day are passe.

Random searches on the Internet will reveal countless bizarre ‘days’ including Ice-cream Cone Day, Give Your Teacher an Apple Day, We Hate People who Hate Justin Bieber Day (I cooked up the last one).

Cupcakes by Le15

But, if it’s for a good cause, it's only fair to support it. One such day or week is the Joy of Giving Week. On the occasion this year, Le15, a Patisserie we that we have sweet memories of, will be working to raise funds for Muktangan, an NGO that trains women from low-income communities; they also works at providing education to children from lesser privileged backgrounds.

Le15 will conduct a workshop for ten children from the group, where they will create Muktangan cupcakes. These cupcakes will then be sold at their outlets where proceeds from the sale will go to the NGO. Sweet!

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