Talk, walk and now act in French

Jul 03, 2013, 02:38 IST | Kanika Sharma

This Saturday, Christie Bourcq, a French actress with mixed lineage will be hosting a workshop on theatre techniques at Alliance Francaise

It’s time to spruce up your French. Come this weekend, Alliance Francaise will be hosting an acting workshop in French to aid you in honing your language skills as well as thespian talents. Christie Bourcq, a diploma holder from School of Stage Arts in Paris will be deploying several techniques to help you discover how to emote, act and improvise in the language and overcome the hesitancy one has in communicating through different mediums and languages.

Christie Bourcq
Christie Bourcq

Bourcq, an international artiste who also happens to be a dancer, singer and model feels that her mixed lineage of being Indian and Vietnamese in origin while being a French national will be a great asset as she will be able to provide assistance in English in times of difficulty.

She shares, “Being on stage helps us in getting over our fears of what people might think and communication in itself implies having no fear of being not understood by someone else.” Continuing, she lays stress, “I think this is a good exercise for students who are learning French in order to gain confidence in expressing themselves.” Bourcq emphasises on body language exercises as a major tool for the workshop in order to ease the individual into the role of an actor.

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