Tasty, healthy desserts that Mumbaikars can tuck into

Jul 18, 2015, 08:00 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Do you skip dessert fearing it will mess with your waistline? As Mumbai hosts a gluten, dairy and sugar-free dessert workshop today, we peep into restaurant menus for sweet treats that calorie-conscious folks can tuck into, minus the guilt

Filo Mille Feuille with forest berries and honey balsamic glaze
Baked filo sheets, antioxidant-rich assorted forest berries and topped with honey balsamic glaze go on, dig into these layers without any guilt.

At: Amadeus (Nariman Point), Joss (Santacruz), Umame (Churchgate).
Cost: 390 + taxes
Calorie Count: 220

Green Tea Ice Cream
No time to sip on green tea through the day? Gorge on a scoop of this hand churned ice cream made using chilled organic unsweetened eden soy milk, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, matcha green tea powder, vanilla and a dash of sea salt.

At: Lemon Leaf, ground floor, Royal Sands Building, off Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W).
Cost: 150
Calorie Count: 100-275

Cinnamon Pecan Baked Cheesecake
Who said cheesecake isn’t healthy? This one is sugar-free, eggless, made with low fat cheese, topped with cinnamon powder and contains healthy pecan nuts that help maintain your cholesterol levels.

At: Guilt Trip outlets in Khar (W); Lokhandwala, Andheri (W); Thane (W).
Cost: 120
Calorie Count: 150-200

Oat-Chia Pudding
The fibrous oats and Omega-3 rich chia seeds are soaked overnight in cashew milk and sweetened with a drizzle of organic honey for this dessert. This pudding also packs in fresh fruits like apples, peaches, bananas and pomegranate. This dessert is cholesterol-free with 8.7 gm of protein.

At: Bombay Salad Co, Rita Apartments, opposite Syndicate Bank, 16th road, Bandra (W).
Cost: 175
Calorie Count: 358

A vanilla parfait made with soy cream, egg yolk, sugar and vanilla. It comes topped with a hibiscus tea granita (frozen hibiscus tea) and tapioca pearls. Those who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy this delish dessert.

At: At The Fatty Bao, Summerville, Junction Of 14th & 33rd, Linking Road, Bandra (W).
Cost: 275 + taxes
Calorie Count: 150

Apple Cranberry Crumble
Enjoy a fruity crunch with apples lightly tossed in butter mixed with dry cranberry, brown sugar and cinnamon powder.

At: Terttulia, Shivaji Park.
Cost: 265 + taxes
Calorie Count: 167

Peachy Keen
Made using gluten-free ingredients and without any unnatural fats, this wholesome dessert comprises a layer of coconut cream oatmeal topped with fresh peaches, mint, crunchy home-made granola and a drizzle of honey.

At: The Pantry, Yashwant Chambers, Military Square lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort.
Cost: 195 + taxes
Calorie Count: 275

Paleo Chocolate Cake
The brainchild of nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary, The Protein Bake Shop stocks a wide variety of healthy desserts and snacks. One of them is this sugar free Paleo Chocolate Cake made with raw cacao, coconut and almond flours, eggs and dates.

To order, log on to: Theproteinbakeshop.com
Call: 9820025574
Cost: 500 (for four slices)
Calorie Count: 116


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Keen to learn how to whip up vegan brownies? Charvi Bubna of Cheat Clean will be conducting gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free dessert class.

Learn how to make Carrot Cake Bliss Balls made with nuts, raw honey and carrot (in pic; 65 calories); Raw Vegan Cookie Dough Balls whipped from almond and buckwheat flours and sweetened with date syrup (54 calories); as well as Raw Vegan Cacao Superfood Brownies with walnuts (75 calories). The workshop will be followed by a discussion on wellness and nutrition.

On: Today, 3 pm to 6 pm 
At: Casa Grande Building, Lower Parel.
To Register, Call: 9820934080 
Cost: 1,500
Log on to: www.facebook.com/cheatclean

Expert speak
A dessert can be termed as healthy if it packs in less than 300 calories per serving. However, one shouldn’t simply look at the calories. These should come from a good source. For instance, nuts are high in calories but packed with nutrients. So, such desserts should be made using better and healthier substitutes.
- Khushboo Sahijwani Matta, diet and nutrition consultant

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