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Apr 23, 2015, 08:30 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Now, secure your phone, apps and data from intrusive friends, co-workers and relatives without paying a bomb

Recently Leomaster, a new mobile solutions company based out of Hong Kong, unveiled a new privacy tool called Leomaster Privacy Guard 2.0. The app, available for free on Google Play Store, allows one to select and safeguard data as well as lock access to sensitive apps with a password.

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Screenshot of the app
Screenshot of the app 

The app-interface is easy to use and can be changed to suit your phone's lock screen. It comes with several built-in tools that allow you to lock apps, hide photos and videos as well as other content from an outsider — be it a friend, family member or a colleague. You can create multiple privacy modes with the option to select the parts/apps in your phone that you would like to be hidden from the public eye in each mode.

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The app locker in Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 is designed to lock certain apps/data based on your location — say a home mode, which locks certain apps/data automatically when you reach home, or an office mode, which activates automatically when you reach your office.

Users can easily rely on the app to restrict access to important personal apps like bank apps, personal messengers like Between, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They can also select and hide specific photos and videos before handing over their phone to a friend, colleague or relative.

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But that's not all. Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 also monitors the data usage, battery level, and app installation status, keeping the user's relationship with his/her smartphone fun and hassle-free. However, like most free apps in the market, this application also tries to push certain apps and services as part of the package. Readers are advised to use it with a bit of caution.

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