Tech: Take a look at some dating and break-up apps

Jul 07, 2015, 08:14 IST | Aditi Chordia

From the good, the nasty to downright bizarre, here's a look at a few dating and break-up apps, available on both Google play store and iOS

With technology infused in every part of our life, it's not shocking to hear that certain apps have taken the responsibility to start/end relationships for us. Such is the logic behind the new Binder app, which helps you to break up with your significant other. Several offbeat apps like Binder are raiding the market to save/start the communication for you. the guide takes a look at few of them:

Ex-lover begone!
>> Fed up of the cluttered Facebook memories of your ex? KillSwitch helps you delete anything on your Facebook that your ex is tagged in such as posts and pictures, thus saving you from the post-break-up trauma.

 Never Liked It Anyway is a marketplace for the brokenhearted, where you can sell your ex's gifts and buy the
remnants of other relationships. Find or sell engagement rings, jewellery, wedding dresses and other meaningful gifts for cheap.

 Have a problem of drunk dialling your ex? DrunkDial makes you pass a sobriety test (timed math problems) before it allows you to call your ex, thus blocking the drunk calls which you might regret later.


You go, girl!
>> The Thrill app allows women to join as they please, but men have to apply to join and the female user base gets to vote them as accepted or rejected.

 Lulu is a girl's-only app that allows users to make positive and negative evaluations of males on the basis of their romantic, personal, and sexual appeal. These can only be viewed by the app users.

Bag a date
>> The most common dating app among youngsters, Tinder, allow users to swipe “Yes” or “No” on potential matches. If two users swipe “Yes” to each other, then they are able to text each other through its interface.

 Okcupid allows users to browse profiles of others, send messages and seek blind dates. Through an algorithm, it matches users with those having similar interests.

 Hitch lets people set up two Facebook friends. The potential matchmakers need to log on to Facebook, and select two friends they wish to introduce to each other by messaging them and suggesting that it may be a good date. Although singles are set up with each other anonymously initially, matchmakers can see how many messages the pair has exchanged once they've chosen to reveal their identities.

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