Technology: Three new portable wireless speakers

Jul 07, 2014, 08:10 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Creative recently launched three new wireless speakers, offering portability with superior power back-up and audio on the go

After the launch of their Airwave series last year, Creative is back with three new portable wireless speakers — the Muvo 20 and Muvo 10 (easy to carry speakers), and Woof, a micro-sized portable speaker.

Creative Muvo 10
Creative Muvo 10

Muvo 20
The top of the range is the Creative Muvo 20 that features two three-inch drivers, and is priced at Rs 7,999. Though, a bit on the heavier side, weighing nearly a kg, the Muvo 20 is available in white and black, and is capable of 10 hours playback in a single charge. It also comes with NFC (a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices) as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Creative Muvo 20
Creative Muvo 20

Muvo 10
Next in line is the Muvo 10 that comes with an integrated carry handle, and is available in blue, green and black. The Muvo 10 features two three-inch drivers, but is priced lower at Rs 5,999. The playback time, however, is slightly less, at just 8 hours. It also offers NFC as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Is that all?
Not really. The main difference between both the speakers lies in the codec (a program capable of encoding or decoding a digital data stream or signals) supported by them. While Muvo 20 supports aptX and SBC codec, Muvo 10 supports just SBC. AptX delivers superior quality audio in Bluetooth devices as compared to the SBC, common among most Bluetooth devices. Unfortunately, to get the benefits of aptX in a Bluetooth speaker, you must have a phone/tablet that also supports aptX otherwise it’s of no use. To find out, look for a CSR aptX logo on your device box. Overall, at these prices, both  speakers could be smart options for your portable audio needs.

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The Woof

This micro-sized speaker gets a premium look, thanks to a sleek metallic body and can easily fit in most Indian palms.

The Woof

Yes, it’s that small. Priced slightly higher at Rs 3,999, Woof offers a power back-up of 6 hours, and supports Bluetooth 3.0.


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