TEDxGateway is back to wow Mumbai

Oct 31, 2014, 07:17 IST | Kanika Sharma and Soma Das

TED, a non-profit initiative supports and nurtures a community of those who think, ideate and create the future. Under its aegis, TEDxGateway in Mumbai returns for the fifth time hosting roboticist Vijay Kumar and journalist Graham Hill among others while focussing on Indian women professionals as a key aim

Meet the headliners
Roboticist Vijay Kumar is known for ‘robots that can fly’ and had presented a TED talk in 2012. Speaking of his work on drones at the General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, at the University of Pennsylvania, Kumar shares, “We create autonomous ground and aerial robots. The autonomous flying robots are able to navigate in complex, three-dimensional environments with or without GPS with applications to search and rescue.” Wanting to popularise drones or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are called, Kumar expresses that he wants to create the desktop technology that would be able to print programmable, printable robots.

TedxGateway is an independently held event that brings independent thinkers to present  innovations and ideas under the same roof
TedxGateway is an independently held event that brings independent thinkers to present innovations and ideas under the same roof

The 52-year-old scientist explains, “Just as the personal computer made it possible to synthesise bits of information, we want to make it possible to use such technologies as 3-D printing to create robots on demand.” His robots or drones have known to do spectacular stunts like juggle or fly through a hula hoop. He also intends to make drones  key devices during disaster management that rescue people from life-threatening situations.

Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger.com
Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger.com

Graham Hill is a journalist and founder of TreeHugger.com and LifeEdited. He founded the venture, Treehugger.com, to bring the sustainability conversation into the mainstream. At the 2011 TED Conference, he introduced his company, LifeEdited, which was aimed at creating a design and lifestyle movement around living great lives and having great homes using less stuff, occupying less space and creating less of a carbon footprint. “My TEDxGateway talk is piggybacking on that theme, but focussing squarely on excessive use of mobile technology. Across the planet, people are having trouble putting down their phones and tablets; even when it’s harming themselves and others.

Vijay Kumar is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania
Vijay Kumar is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania

It is my hope that this great tool will once again serve its owner, instead of the other way around.” Hill finds Indians to be on the right path to sustainability and observes: “They could show Americans a thing or two about efficient living. Because there are so many more people squeezed into a smaller landmass than America, Indians have an imperative to live efficiently (housing, food, etc) or there would be systemic societal breakdowns.” Hill is also consulting with real estate developers around the world on optimising their apartments’ layouts so as to deliver more capabilities from their units.

Mumbaikars on stage
>> Deepak Ramola is a life skills educator who has interacted with more than 1,500 differently-abled and under privileged people, who are 4-96 years old. Ramola is also an actor, spoken word poet as well as lyricist.
>> Hemani Kalucha is a 17-year-old roboticist who has displayed her robot AR-GEN at IIT Bombay’s Techfest 2013, one of Asia’s largest science and technology festivals.

New initiatives
>> The Hive Zone will bring together inspiring leaders to spark new ideas and possibilities.
>> There will also be a Better India lounge to promote new ideas and fresh thoughts to optimise progress at an accelerated pace.
>> Campus Connect is an initiative focussing on building a community of young minds who have the potential of cultivating ideas that can change the world. Through Campus Connect, TEDxGateway is reaching out to 56 colleges, schools and educational institutes across the country.
>> They will also host Master Class sessions on November 1 to a curated audience. During these sessions speakers will share their ideas and experiences.

Plan your itinerary
>> TedxGateway 2014 will feature prominent leaders from various walks of life for the event, titled Unlocking the Potential of Women in India. A Design Thinking Masterclass will also be held.
>> One can also interact one-on-one with TEDxGateway speakers and ultimately, attend a creative storytelling class.

Confernce on: November 2
At: Rendezvous, Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba.
Log on to: tedxgateway.com

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