Teen's selfie with Paul McCartney, Warren Buffet goes viral

Jul 15, 2014, 22:24 IST | Agencies

A Nebraska teen has shot to social media fame after a selfie of his featuring Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett was posted to online

Los Angeles: A Nebraska teen became an online sensation after tweeting his selfie where Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet are seen sitting out on a bench.

Tom White, Luke Koester and Jacob Murray captured their moment when they spotted McCartney and Buffett chilling on a bench in Dundee. The musician and the billionaire, who dined together during their evening in Dundee, appear to notice the photo being taken but did not object to the fan.

Teen's selfie with McCartney and Buffet
The selfie Tom White (right) posted online that shows him with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet. 

Murray shared the image on Twitter on Saturday night, writing, "Best picture of the night with @WarrenBuffett and @Paul McCartney goes to Tom White!"

Meanwhile, Koester later uploaded a photograph of McCartney walking down the street. "Just saw Paul McCartney in Dundee! My night is awesome!!!!!," he wrote before lamenting, "Too bad he couldn't sign my Abby Road vinyl"
There were plenty of photos of the pair, whose presence caused a stir in the Nebraska town but White has become a hit online with the picture getting shared by fans quickly.

McCartney, 72, also noticed the buzz online and decided to retweet it to give it an extra boost. "Just hanging out with friends," he casually captioned the retweet.

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