Television in burkha means your love stays intact

Published: 23 October, 2011 11:00 IST | Shirley Bose |

Tarot card reader Shirley Bose's expert Vaastu tips on easy ways to draw in luck and energy into your home and lives this festive season

Tarot card reader Shirley Bose's expert Vaastu tips on easy ways to draw in luck and energy into your home and lives this festive season

Energy and luck enter through the front door, and it is vital that the environment within the house is such that it allows only positive energy and good luck to enter. Let's start at the door. Keep the entrance clean, scrupulously maintained and well-lit.

Cover your bedroom TV with a cloth before you hit the sack

Choose a nameplate keeping in mind what you would like to convey to visitors about your personality. Avoid nameplates which look like antique pieces, with ragged edges and a moth-eaten look. Ideally, you should design and paint your own nameplate. This way you put your energies outside your home as a kind of shield.

A red mat with a welcome sign at the door ensures financial luck and fame and (depending on your karma) brings prosperity to the family. Place upward-growing plants on both sides of the door -- ideally, pink or red flowering ones.

Place two diyas outside the front door a short while before the sun sets. This helps to keep out negative vibes. Don't worry if there are space constraints -- one diya will work just as well, too. Hang an evil eye charm or a crystal over the front door. This also helps combat negative vibes. If you door faces the south, paint it red. An east-facing entrance should be painted green, while a north or west-facing entrance can be brown.

Vibrations from the living room
Imagine yourself standing inside the house and facing the front door. Place a water fountain on the left side of the door to ensure financial success. However, be careful of your health or that of a family member's, as a water body in this area can cause illness sometimes.

Another safer option is to place a copper 'kalash' in the north east area of your living room. Change the water everyday, to prevent financial stagnation. Place a round clock with a red rim on the north wall in the living room. This will bring you continued financial and career growth. Don't place any other artefact, painting or photograph on this wall.

As a general rule, keep light furniture in the north area of the living room. Place heavier furniture in the south and west. You may also like to play lively music from the north side -- this helps keep universal vibrations positive and keeps the energy flow around the house constant. This helps your career/business prosper according to your destiny and karma. The east portion of your hall should have yellow shades, while the north must have something green.

Avoid placing a clock or a calendar over a door -- this amounts to counting the days and months for your exit from this world.

Lights, bedroom, harmony
All light beams should send rays upwards. Energy shouldn't be contained in one particular area. A bathroom located in the north or east section of the house could lead to heavy expenses. Fix six-inch mirrors on the ceiling directly above all drains, commodes and wash basins. Make sure there are no dripping taps in the home, as that signifies money draining away.

The south west bedroom should be occupied by a couple who should sleep with their heads pointing to the south for continued marital happiness. Make sure you are not reflected in any mirror while sleeping, as this depletes vital body energy. It's ideal to keep the TV out of the bedroom, as this creates an emotional distance between partners. However, if having one in the room is unavoidable, then cover the screen before retiring. Use as much pink in the bedroom as possible, since it is a colour of love and togetherness.

Incorporate these Vaastu tips to transform your home into a space that receives only light, love and comfort.

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