Ten ways to trap your man for life

Aug 14, 2012, 13:17 IST | FYI Team

Some surefire tips to convince your boyfriend to tie the knot. Read on...

1. Mention weddings and marriage casually from time to time; talk about your close friends who are happily married.

2. Point out your shared interests, values and goals so that he realises that you're the one for him.

Sex and relationships, Ten ways to trap your man for life

3. Create situations that allow him to propose, like a dinner, vacations or probably a small walk.

4. Express your love and need for companionship with words and actions. Don't expect them to understand what you feel.

5. Don't force them into marriage because they hate to be chased for relationships. Let him feel the need to be united by rituals, and the days he's ready, he'll pop up the question himself.

6. If your man has lately been complaining about lack of space, move out of the relationship for sometime, so that he realises your true worth.

7. Start asking your man to help you with certain things that make him feel more like a man and a provider for you. Even if you think he doesn't make much, if you really love him, and desire to be his wife, make him feel like he owns a million dollars, especially in public. Sometimes, men don't see how they can provide for their family, and you need to reassure him he is more than able and capable of taking that next step.

8. If your guy's mom likes you, half the battle is won. Try to call his mom as much as possible and form a relationship with her. When his mom starts asking him questions about marriage, you'd almost feel the ring on your finger.

9. Pay close attention to what your man likes or looks at. Getting a gift that he really likes, for birthdays or holidays, is big to a man. It shows him that you paid attention to him and didn't just get what you wanted him to have. By doing this, you're making him feel that you're the girl who suits his personality.

10. The last thing you need to do now is to stop nagging. This is one of the biggest-turn offs to any man. Instead of nagging, have discussions over dinner or coffee. Within days of doing all of this, you will be headed to the chapel.

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