5th Goa Marathi Film festival inaugurated

Jun 09, 2012, 05:25 IST | PTI

Several Marathi filmmakers and actors have descended on the beach state of Goa for the three-day long film festival that will showcase a mix of old and modern Marathi films.

The Fifth Goa Marathi Film Festival was inaugurated today by veteran director and writer Sai Paranjpe in the presence of Goa's chief minister Manahor Parrikar. 

Paranjape, who has penned several Hindi films like Katha, Anguthachhap, Disha and Saaj said that the Marathi film industry was rejuvenating.

"The Marathi film industry after its golden era had fallen apart due to advent of Bollywood. Marathi films were treated as unwanted relative by Bollywood films which met with success due to big budgets and national reach," Paranjape observed. 

While admitting that she had herself never made any Marathi film, she said that all her films had Marathi essence. "I agree that I have not made any Marathi film. But all my films had Marathi essence. I have showcased Marathi manus in it," she said, narrating anecdotes of how the storyline of her films was related to Maharashtra.

She said that the shoe-string budget, lack of theatres, deficiency in marketing had left Marathi movies far behind and even Marathi people had turned their back towards the cinema. But things started improving around the year 2004 as suddenly more cinemas were being produced.

"Digital technology, state government funding and emergence of Marathi television channels proved useful for the industry," she said, adding that 90 odd films were being produced in Marathi annually.

"Marathi filmmakers have touched such sensitive topics that even western filmmaker would not have dared to make films on," she said.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that his government would continue to support the film industry.

The festival will showcase 18 films including 1930s classic Sant Tukaram. Nitin Desai’s 'Ajintha' was screened at the festival today. Veteran Marathi actor Dilip Prabhavalkar was given special recognition award during the inauguration.

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