Thane drug racket: Ringleader's selfies helped cops find foreign links

Apr 27, 2016, 11:00 IST | Faisal Tandel

Even before his arrest, he unknowingly helped cops figure out which countries were involved in the drug ring, thanks to his selfies on Facebook

The Thane police made a major breakthrough in the recently uncovered drug racket investigation with the arrest of one of the ringleaders Punit Sringi. But even before his arrest, the man had unwittingly helped the cops to figure out the drug ring’s foreign connections, all thanks to his selfies.

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behind bars: Punit Sringi would post selfies every time he went abroad for a drug deal. File pic
Behind bars: Punit Sringi would post selfies every time he went abroad for a drug deal. File pic

The drug ring was exposed earlier this month, with the arrest of four people and the seizure of nearly 20,000 kg of ephedrine from the Solapur factory of a pharma company.

As one of the three leaders, Punit was the one handling the smuggling operations.

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The other two leaders  — Kishor Singh Rathod (son of former Congress MLA Bhavsingh Rathod) and Jay Mukhi — had also travelled abroad for drug deals several times, but every time Punit went abroad, he would post a new selfie on Facebook.
This helped the police piece together a timeline and list of countries connected to the case.

A senior police officer from the Thane commissionerate said, “We arrested him at 4 pm on Tuesday and he will be produced in court on Wednesday. We will investigate him further to expose the larger smuggling racket,” the officer said.

“All the three kingpins were responsible for running the smuggling racket and their local and international links are to be investigated,” added the officer.

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