Thane: Man caught red-handed stealing phones from hospital waiting room

Jul 01, 2016, 08:42 IST | Asif Rizvi

Recent incident of an attempted theft at Jupiter Hospital in Thane, during which the thief was nabbed red-handed by one of his victims, has raised serious doubts over security arrangements at the facility

The recent incident of an attempted theft at the Jupiter Hospital in Thane, during which the thief was nabbed red-handed by one of his victims, has raised serious doubts over the security arrangements at the facility.

Aniket Gunjal
Aniket Gunjal

Aniket Gunjal (30), a practising lawyer at the high court, nabbed a mobile thief while he was trying to flee with his cellphone after stealing it from the public charging points at the hospital’s waiting room on the third floor. The accused, identified as Azaruddin Vane, was later handed over to the Vartaknagar police.

Gunjal, a Kalyan resident, said, “The incident occurred around 1.30 am on Wednesday. I fell asleep after keeping my phone for charging. After waking up I saw a man moving suspiciously around the area where I the phone was charging. He fled the room the moment he saw me staring at him. Upon spotting something in his hand, I decide to chase him.”

He added that initially the man kept mum when questioned about his presence in the waiting room. But as Gunjal persisted, the thief attacked him with a cutter. Luckily, the thief missed following which Gunjal overpowered him and raised an alarm. Upon realising that he was outnumbered and trapped, Vane surrendered. Gunjal added that he has been in the hospital since June 22, as his mother is undergoing treatment here.

“Upon searching him thoroughly, I recovered another two mobiles on him. They belonged to the two women from the waiting room who had kept their phones for charging just like me. We then handed over the thief to Vartaknagar police and lodged an FIR. My cellphone isn’t important, but anyone accessing the waiting room at odd hours is a matter of concern and speaks volumes about the security arrangement at the hospital,” Gunjal said.

Cop speak
An officer from Vartaknagar police station said, “The accused has been arrested and booked under section 380 of the IPC. Investigation is on the find out whether the accused is a habitual offender or not.”

The other side
Bhola Pathak, senior manager for security and administration department, said, “There are no security lapse in the hospital. The man was caught and handed over to the police, which is now probing how did he manage to enter the hospital. The security of patients is our primary concern and we never take it lightly.”

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