The art of being healthy

Jun 13, 2012, 09:21 IST | Dhara Vora

The newly-opened health food joint, B letuce at Bandra, offers a few interesting combinations but falters with some of its entrants on the menu

A haven for effortlessly healthy food — that’s what B letuce (no, that’s not a typo) likes to call itself. We visited to find out whether it stands true to its claim. B letuce has a large green board announcing the entrance to the eatery and yellow-lit interiors. Thanks to the multiple serving counters, it just had space for two tables (one each indoor and outdoor).

The Sour Cream sandwich, (below left) Chicky Chicken wrap

The menu, like the sign board, was all green with a variety for vegetarians. While they serve only six options for non-vegetarians, the menu includes wraps, salads, sandwiches, tea, coffee, thick-shakes, cookies and desserts. Not everything is for the calorie-conscious, especially the desserts that include sinful brownies and pastries.

B letuce reminded us of Subway, with wraps replacing long bread sandwiches. We ordered the Chicky Chicken (` 109) and Asian Style wrap (` 179). The chicken wrap comprised of boiled chicken with veggies such as lettuce (which is a part of all their dishes) tomatoes and onions. The spicy dressing made it a healthy, crunchy and spicy mix.

Chicky Chicken wrap

Fresh tofu, vegetables and a yummy pepper sauce came parceled into the Asian Style wrap. Though the pepper sauce was delicious, B letuce was stingy with it making the wrap bland in parts, as uncooked tofu and vegetables don’t qualify as palatable for us. Also the price did not justify what was served. The chicken preparations on the menu were way cheaper than the green ones.

The Granola Soy Caramel shake

Next up, we ordered the Zucchini with Sage burrito (` 139). The only factor that saved the burrito from being a wrap was some bland rice thrown in. It made for a good wrap with zucchini, onions and tomatoes mixed in a pesto sauce and was bursting with flavours thanks to the texture and taste of the sage leaves. Never have we felt so refreshed after eating a huge wrap.

Accompanying our wraps was the Granola Soy Caramel Shake (` 149) and Tripple Chocolate Thick Shake (` 129). The soy shake had no added sugar and made for a healthy morning-drink with copious amounts of oats mixed in it. The chocolate thick shake was full of delicious thick Dutch chocolate that could be savoured with every sip. However, it tasted like a milkshake masquerading as a thick shake. B letuce serves its Ceaser Salad (` 149) with mayo and lime dressing in generous servings.

Again, they pinched on their dressing size turning the combination of boiled chicken with fresh vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes and olives, veer towards blandness. The Veg Sour Cream sandwich(` 89) was a winner with chopped bell peppers that tasted great with the cream in the brown bread grilled sandwich. The Chicken Teriyaki sandwich (` 109) was passable.

Our attendant insisted that we try their Crème Brulee (` 85) and promised to return our money if we didn’t like it. Keeping their health theme in mind, the dessert was not served with a hard caramel top, but the chocolate crème was still delicious. The only thing that B Letuce needs to do is to be generous with their dressings to fulfill their yummy health food promise.

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