The art of 'outercourse' to spice up sex life (Part 2)

Jun 19, 2012, 06:41 IST | ANI

People who do not want to go all the way to sexual intercourse can still be more sexual, more intimate, and even more orgasmic with their lover, thanks to what sex experts call an "outercourse"



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Suck face and grope each other like teenagers, eventually showering your lover's entire body with kisses.

Erotic Talk: Whether in the boudoir, over the phone, via text or online, lovers can catapult each other to a carnal cosmos with some lascivious lingo.

Strip Teases: Give your lover his or her own private viewing, being sure to conclude your routine with some lush lip action and titillating touches.

Water works: Taking to a bath or shower allows for the perfect post-rub down.

Role-Playing: By sharing fantasies, lovers can pick and choose their preferred real-life passion pursuits.

Erotic Massage: Lovers work every part of the body with scintillating sexual touch.

Sexual Enhancement Products: Sex toys were practically made for outercourse. Offering variety, experimentation, and hours of entertainment, lovers can explore each other''s bodies as they tap all of their senses.

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