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Nov 01, 2015, 08:00 IST | Phorum Dalal

In Mumbai where homechefs have been experimenting with the spread, and producing some unique flavours including red wine, peach, almond and curry leaves

You can never have too much butter,” says Julie Powell, who plays Julie in the 2009 film Julie and Julia, even as she adds a dollop into a pan. Fortunately now, it’s not just plain salted that’s in the offing.

In Mumbai where homechefs have been experimenting with the spread, and producing some unique flavours including red wine, peach, almond and curry leaves.

Take homechef Sunita Pradhan for instance. The Mahim dentist started experiments in her kitchen, while on leave during her two pregnancies. Her first flavour was the herb butter, which she sent to a few friends. When she got a positive response, she asked if they’d pay for it. When the ad hoc market research showed that she had a saleable product at hand, Pradhan decided to sell her wares — savoury, sweet, fruit-based and nut-based butters.

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However, the owner of the four-month old Little Treats advices caution. “This should be the last ingredient you add while cooking,” says Pradhan. When butter burns, it takes on a salty, burnt taste. So, rather than rubbing it on a meat before roasting, just let a knob of the butter melt on a just-cooked piece. “Butter will always enhance the flavour of a dish, but make sure to add a hint of oil so the butter doesn’t overpower the final taste,” she adds.

Mansharan Kaur, co-founder of, an online store that offers freshly made packaged food items and has distribution rights to flavoured butters by over 15 city chefs, says it’s all about adding that extra punch. “Butter, on its own, has an uplifting taste, so flavoured butters are all about taking the butter-eating experience to the next level.”

Thecha Butter      Rs 150/100g
By Sunita Pradhan,  Little Treats
This is not a typographical error. The spiciness of the green chutney, oft eaten with the vada pav, is now in your butter. Add this to your pulav, rub it on a grilled chicken or any other meat before roasting or simply with sautéed potatoes. If this is not enough, try the smokey kadi patta flavour.
Available on:

Thecha Butter
Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Almond Butter     Rs 150/100g
By Sunita Pradhan, Little Treats
“You can have this as your daily intake of almonds. All my butters are preservative-free and this one is just almond paste and a pinch of salt. The creamy texture is because of the oil and it is the most versatile butter I sell. It can be had as a hummus or a dressing in salads. I usually add a spoonful in stir fry dishes,” says Pradhan.

Almond Butter

Strawberry Butter     Rs 175/150g
By Shivani Tolia, Yellow Butterfly
A fruity, citrusy strawberry preserve mixed with butter and beaten to a consistency is a one-way to heaven. “But it is treated as an indulgence. Calorie count ends when it comes to butter. I make my own strawberry preserve and I leave a few good chunks to bite into,” says Tolia.
Call: 9820057099

Strawberry Butter

Bacon Butter     Rs 200/125g
By Amrita Rana, Life Ki Recipe
Flavoured butter doesn’t mean mixing an ingredient with butter. Oil and water doesn’t mix and so, you have to reduce the mixture and emulsify it into the butter, slowing whisking it in. “I do this over a bowl of ice, so that the butter doesn’t fall apart later.” Her most popular butter is the bacon butter, but she is happy to create new flavours on request too. Be it orange and spices or cranberry and thyme. “For my wine butter,  I reduce the wine to a thick compote to remove the moisture. It is then folded into the butter. The alcohol will evaporate but leave a beautiful aftertaste.”

Vegan Chocolate Butter     Rs 275/100g
By Anuradha Sawhney
To avoid using vegan margarine available in the market, Anuradha Sawhney of Back to Basics decided to make her own butter. “I use an emulsification of oils (coconut or almond oil), a lecithin to make it emulsify better, sunflower seeds and husks. And, cocoa powder. Spread it on a toast, chapatti or add to a cake as butter icing,” she suggests.
Call: 020-65223569

Vegan Chocolate Butter

White Chocolate Expresso Peanut Butter     Rs 175/150g
By Deepti Lewis, Deelicious
Pregnancy and hormones led Deepti Lewis into the kitchen to whip up indulgences her taste buds demanded. “I started making flavoured butter out of experiments in May this year. I saw that everyone was making flavoured white butter. So, I chose to work with peanut butter, which has a salty, nutty taste aftertaste,” she says, adding that she first added white chocolate to it, but realised that people would not enjoy a sweet peanut butter. “That’s when the idea of adding the bitterness of an expresso shot struck me. The three ingredients work well as they trigger different taste buds on your tongue. It is so wholesome, that I recommend people to eat it out of the jar.” While this flavour is only available on, Lewis also sells a coconut peanut butter, which has a fresher and lighter aftertaste.
Call: 7045655084

White Chocolate Expresso Peanut Butter

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