The Dome is where the monsoon is

Jun 30, 2013, 09:07 IST | Phorum Dalal

This eighth floor sky bar at the Intercontinental, which overlooks the Arabian Sea on three sides is a must go during the rains. It's got a special menu too

You'll agree, monsoons are synonymous with corn cobs. Sitting on the parapet at Marine Drive, or on the sandy beaches, munching away to glory. The ‘bhuttawala’ fans the coal and sprinkles it with chaat masala and squeezes a juicy lime all over -- simply mouth-watering.

The Dome, a sky bar at Intercontinental Marine Drive

The scene shifts to an eighth floor sky bar that faces the Marine Drive, bar music softly plays in the background, candles join the traffic lights of the busy main road and the Queen’s Necklace to create a pretty picture. And, you don’t have to part with your corn cob.

Charcoal roasted corns

Chef Paul Kinny of Dome at Intercontinental introduces a new menu, keeping in mind the weather. As we settle into the cozy white sofas and lean into the black pillows, we try Dome’s specialty, Chamomile Martini and Watermelon Caprioska-Mohito. The first one takes our taste buds on a memory lane of chamoline green tea. “When patrons say they are on a detox, we serve them chamomile martini,” smiles Kinny.

Crunchy Popiah rolls

The first dish is Flame-grilled Shishito Peppers (Rs 715), fiery green peppers stuffed with a cheese filling. For those who can’t eat spicy food, it comes on a bed of sweet chutney to balance the dish. Crunchy to bite, and cheesy to chew, it is a perfect start to our drizzling evening.

On a grill platter, come neatly sliced Charcoal Roasted Corn (Rs 350), mounted on wooden sticks that make it easy to make. We sit back, drink in the view, and voraciously bite into our corn.

Next up is Spanish Meatballs served with crusty bread and habanero dip, which is tangy, spicy and leaves our lips burning for more. On the other hand, the Char-grilled Chicken Tenders (Rs 775) are bland, sweet served with a creamy peanut sauce -- a milder dish for the foreign clients, our server explains. The winner, however, is the Crunchy Popiah Rolls (Rs 715), stuffed with asparagus, water chestnut and cream cheese. Warning: it is deep fried and a must have in the monsoons. A friend once told me, if you ever propose to someone from the Dome, the answer is always a yes, as the view is breathtaking. The food is too.

We cannot rate the experience as it was a preview dome

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