The expression of emotion

Jul 30, 2012, 10:16 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Artist Ravi Songirkar brings you face-to-face with your emotions at his ongoing exhibition at Malaka Spice

Artist Ravi Songirkar believes in creating bold and vibrant artworks, which is evident at his latest exhibition, Just Plugged In at Malaka Spice. Born in Maharashtra in 1967, Songirkar studied at the Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai and completed his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 1990. His art focuses on contemporary themes and expressions.

This image, Affianced, is part of Ravi Songirkar’s Just Plugged show

Speaking about the focus of his exhibition, he tells us, The entire theme comes from human emotions. The title (Just Plugged) of the explains that that we need to plug in to the emotions like imagination and rage while leading a day-to-day life. I have tried to portray these human emotions by showcasing common household objects.”

The artist draws inspiration from day-to-day life, and has displayed 50 of his water colour paintings at the exhibition. Art enthusiasts will be treated to a trip into a magical world of paintings where they will be able to confront their emotions in every hue and shade, on canvas.

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