The fear of being without mobile affects 66 pc, says study

May 08, 2012, 16:09 IST | Agencies

Guess what's the biggest phobia in the world? It's "nomophobia" -- the fear of being without your mobile, says a new study.

It has been found that nearly 66 per cent of people are affected by it. In fact, the number of people afflicted with nomophobia -- "no mobile phone phobia" -- revealed in the study in the UK shows a rise from a similar research four years ago, where 53 per cent of people admitted the fear of losing their phone. 

In the latest study, of the 1,000 people surveyed in the UK, 66 per cent said they feared losing their phone, the 'Daily Mail' newspaper reported. 
Young adults -- aged between 18 and 24 -- tended to be the most addicted to their mobile phones, with 77 per cent unable to stay apart for more than a few minutes, and those aged 25 to 34 followed at 68 per cent. 
That number is up from a similar study four years ago, where 53 percent of people admitted to the phobia. 
The study showed that people on average check their phone 34 times a day, and 75 per cent of us use the phone in the bathroom -- with many people saying it is the modern equivalent of the newspaper.

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