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Apr 26, 2012, 07:17 IST | Dhara vora

Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST), a research-action organisation has organised a two-day exhibition where school teachers can learn new methods of improving their teaching techniques

 While students pass exams every year and keep up with the latest changes and theories through education, not all teachers update their teaching methods. Good news for education supporters in Thane and Nandurbar districts. Shikshana-Ek Navi Disha, a two-day exhibition by Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST) aims to change the scenario for children in these districts with a refreshing approach.

“Though several researches are conducted by our government and universities with regards to changes in teaching methods, it doesn’t reach the teachers themselves. With this exhibition, we will showcase the changes that can be implemented by teachers or parents to help improve the quality of education of children,” says Nilesh Nimkar, trustee and director of QUEST.

What’s in store?
The exhibition has been divided into ten sections that span over various subjects such as mathematics, Early Literacy (which helps children begin learning to read and write) geography and language, from pre-primary to standard eight. The various findings and methods of QUEST will be showcased through presentations, 10 to 15 minutes short demonstrations followed by open discussions. There will also be a special section for parents and teachers aiding them to use technology for education. Education tools and book by QUEST will also be on sale.

Bal Bhavan sessions by QUEST in progress

Noble cause
Quest works towards bettering the quality of education for 1,500 students from rural, back-of-beyond areas of Thane and Nandurbar districts. They run a programme called Bal Bhavan, which is a pre and post-school hours session where they help students learn with the help of new age learning and teaching techniques.

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