The tiger gets its canvas

Sep 06, 2012, 11:21 IST | Surekha S

Artist Rameshwar Singh's 75th solo exhibition creates nostalgia as it combines the ancient glory of Rajasthan with elements of nature including humans, animals and birds

For artist Rameshwar Singh, who has been holding exhibitions of his artworks for the past four decades, this show is special. Not only is it his 75th solo show, but it is also one that delves into the depths of human emotions by combining these with elements from nature. His exhibition, currently underway at the Jehangir Art Gallery, is titled Ancient Romancing Tales of Foster Tigers. It combines the majestic qualities of the tiger against the backdrop of Rajasthan’s glory.

An artwork, titled An interview With A Mysterious Tiger

“Nearly three years ago, when I visited the Jim Corbett National Park, I saw a tiger walk past me; it was beautiful. I decided to return and incorporate it in my works,” says 67-year-old Singh. He held an exhibition, titled Once Upon a Time, There Was a Tiger, last year and this year he has again used the tiger in his paintings. “I wanted to highlight the fact that the tiger should be loved and cared for,” he says adding that the paintings are inspired by the tigers in Ranthambore and Jim Corbett.

In this exhibition, he has used other elements of nature as well, including birds, other animals and human beings. He has created a feel of the jungle along with experimenting with the cultural elements of Rajasthan. “I like experimenting with aspects that are ancient. In this exhibition, I have experimented with wooden blocks and tattoos as well,” he adds. Singh has also used calligraphy to narrate the story of each painting.

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