"There is no logic in pursuing art as a full-time career"

Apr 01, 2013, 02:51 IST | Aanchal Kurmi

The scene if you ask is just average. Being an artist is not an easy task.

1. How would you describe the Pune scene for budding artists?
The scene if you ask is just average. Being an artist is not an easy task. There is absolutely no logic behind pursuing art as a full-time career. If someone aims to be an established Fine Arts artist, then he or she has to struggle for at least 10-15 years to get fame. In today’s time it is not a valid profession. Frankly speaking, only 3 out of 10 make it big. You have to have a job to support your needs, while pursuing painting as a hobby is the right approach. I have, too, worked a lot in different fields such as commercial and design works, authoring books and teaching, but painting has always been my first love. So, an artist in these times knows all the pros and cons of being in love with art.

2. How has technology affected the art scene?
Well, to be honest, the effect is huge. It has helped artists get noticed. Facebook for instance has helped many artists get fame, which was unthinkable in earlier times. You get to showcase your work to the whole world. It's a potential medium, though virtual, but it really helps. It helps you exhibit your talent and get reviews as well. The main idea of an artist is to showcase his works and if the message is conveyed then the work is half-done. It helps you reach the audience all over the world and brings artists from different countries on a common platform. But if you ask about the basics, then it has to be and will always be pencil and paper. No matter how good you are in graphics or animation, you have to have your basics right. So, technology is a boost to the art industry, but nothing can replace the feel of colours or the ideas of strokes and sketches.

3. In the times of graphics and animation, where do sketches and strokes stand?
Graphics and animation are the advanced forms of visual art, the basics of, which lie in strokes and sketches. In fact, for any form of visual communication, you need to have your basics right. Whenever I give lessons in Art2Day, I get students from graphics and animation as well because they want the fundamental knowledge of fine art. Many students pursue animation course after graduation, but they do not have much knowledge of the standards of visual communication.

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