Things just got crazy at this Oshiwara eatery

Jun 04, 2014, 08:52 IST | Kanika Sharma

In a menu that can read like one from an urbane Mad Hatter's Party; Foodicted, with its whacko vibe, good food, right pricing and a zany host, can be the new hangout hub in this area

Food:  Innovative
Service: Attentive
Ambiance: Quirky

There's a new food corner simmering in Oshiwara as the expansive roads and sprawling spaces invite al fresco and varied dining options opposite Mega Mall. Slowly, this curvy road is turning into an inviting option for diners with diverse budgets and appetites. In a similar vein, Foodicted caught the eye of confused ‘kuch bhi’ patrons like us on a Sunday night.

Angrez Da Puttar
Angrez Da Puttar offers flavourful chicken that oozes with sweet and charred juices unlike the sometimes dry Tandoori Chicken

The place has a crazy vibe — with a painted road on the floor and imagined turf that is yet to come up as Dilpreet Singh Chaudhary, our host of the evening and owner of the place tells us. The walls are Mario Miranda-inspired; a legacy that we are sure is “the sincerest form of flattery”. As we sit on colourful chairs, the semblance of a deck with a floating tube greets the eye. Chaudhary shares that it’s meant to evoke the ambiance of the jetties bobbing around the Gateway of India. It’s work in progress. Period.

The unique-tasting Gaurav Di Brown Gravy is named after the chef
The unique-tasting Gaurav Di Brown Gravy is named after the chef

The menu gets crazier with names, flavours and origins. Chaudhary tells us some Continental dishes can resemble Punjabi, some Punjabi can resemble Continental and the same goes for the Chinese, plus there’s regular fare. The menu is a laugh riot with names like Bada Water, Kuch Bhi, Kuch Nahi, Fried Facebook, Chung Lee ki Dhoti, Oe Teri!!! Ae ki Ditta!!! and last but not the least, I’m On Diet as dessert.

Soon, Foodicted should be a humming hangout trusting the carefree vibe of the place and the exciting plans the owner has for the space. Pics/Nimesh Dave

We decided to go berserk and ordered an Angrez Da Puttar (Rs 280), Gaurav Di Brown Gravy (Rs 270), Arabi Roti (Rs 40), Garlic Chilly Roti (Rs 40) and Something in Black Sauce (Rs 210). The place is not even a week-old, so our dishes took a while to arrive, with the exception of the Arabi Roti, which we were told, would take 30 minutes of preparation.

First up, Angrez Da Puttar was a halfway tandoori chicken tossed in barbeque sauce on a flame. The result was succulent and lush chicken that had a charred effect and intense flavours, with chopped garlic for nibbles. Our partner thirsted for the 7-course Goan dinner (spelled out as six beers and a glass of water on the menu) something Chaudhary assured should start flowing in once the license is secured.

Next up was the Brown Gravy and the two kinds of breads that could be meals unto themselves. Boneless chicken with an intense caramelised (onion?) gravy was yum and creamy while the Arabi Roti (yeasted dough with ajwain) and Chilly Garlic Roti with chopped green chillies and garlic complemented the mains.

Spilling over the fun to cure our Monday blues, we asked our gracious host to get us Something in Black Sauce. This was, too intensely smoke-y and spicy with wok-tossed pieces of chicken. For us, Foodicted can be the new go-to place for burbies around as they let their hair down with booze, banter and bubbly company.


At: Shop no 1-2-3, BMC Market, next to Mira Tower, near Mega Mall, Oshiwara.
Call: 26368787

Foodicted didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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