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Jul 30, 2013, 09:22 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The GUIDE chatted with the members of the all-girl band The Vinyl Records from Delhi who are set to perform in the city

The Vinyl Records (TVR) is a new all-girl band from Delhi, that will be performing for the first time in the city, this Thursday.

The four-piece band was formed in early 2010 and includes Cheyyrian Bark (lead vocalist/keyboard player), Banu Jini (guitar/vocals), Minam Tekseng (bass/vocals) and Mithy Tatak (drums/ percussions/ vocals).

The band members of The Vinyl Records (TVR) 

While Jini, Tekseng and Tatak are from Arunachal Pradesh, Bark (who joined in 2011) is from Assam.

Speaking about the band, Tatak says, “Our friendship goes back to our school days in Arunachal Pradesh. We shared a similar interest in music. When we moved to Delhi for our graduation, we decided to turn our hobby into a serious thing and came up with TVR. It started as a fun experiment and has eventually taken a big leap with us performing all over the country.”

The band is highly inspired by international all-girl and Rock bands.

“Our influence lies in some Indie and Rock bands such as CSS, The Clash, The Strokes and the B-52’s. Our style is more from the New Wave era of the 70s and 80s when analogue and early digital sound was popular with fusion of Indie and post Punk with a dash of glam Rock kitsch,” adds Jini.

The band members admit that they have had their differences and clashes which they managed to overcome. “We are four different minds who are trying to make their presence felt in the city far away from our home. We do fight occasionally but when it comes to the musical front, we get our fights easily sorted as we share an interest for the same genre of music. Our chemistry is great. We are proud of ourselves as one hardly sees girls coming together to form a Rock band, very often,” says Tatak.

TVR is performing for the first time in the city but the band members are excited to perform in front of a young and enthusiastic crowd. “We have heard a lot about the Pune crowd and about how refreshing and vibrant they are. We will be performing a few of our EPs for the vary first time in a gig for this audience,” concludes Jini.

On August 1,
At The Hard Rock café, Koregaon Park Extension.
Call 67258888
Entry `100; Cover `500 

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