This isn't elementary, Watson!

Jan 03, 2014, 16:03 IST | Dhara Vora

Bring alive all your fantasies of playing detective, by solving a mystery at Clue Hunt, India's first live escape game. Here, you can be Sherlock, or Poirot, if you wish to, for an entire hour

With the entire world waiting for the mystery behind the two-year cliff-hanger to be solved on the popular television series, Sherlock Holmes, why not get in the groove and try solving your own mystery?

Clue Hunt, Sherlock Holmes, live escape game

Enter Clue Hunt, India’s first live escape game (that’s what they call it) that guarantees and hour of fun, mystery and some burning of grey cells. Founded by husband-wife duo Ketan and Tina Chhatpar (who is a dentist too), Clue Hunt calls for a visit with its innovative concept of entertainment and a mix of challenges. We racked our brains (quite unsuccessfully!), and here’s why you should too.

Clue Hunt, Sherlock Holmes, live escape game
The mysterious room awaits behind the door. Pic/Amit Jadhav

Clue one
It involves being locked up in a thematic room for 60 minutes and trying to decode all possible clues to find your way out of the room. They have two thematic rooms to try out — Spylock and Kaboom.

Clue two
We cannot reveal any details about the game, but from our experience, we suggest that you go in a group of more than two to solve multiple clues and race against time.

Owners Ketan and Tina Chhatpar
Owners Ketan and Tina Chhatpar

Clue three
It’s not easy and you will really have to rack your brains and have a curious eye to spot different clues that fill up the puzzle. We suggest going all crazy and try any option you think that might work; clearly, 60 minutes is not a very long time to solve this mystery.

Clue four
Don’t let all of this scare you, if you get stuck; there is help at hand, as someone will guide you from outside the room.

At: 101, Roha Orion, near, Mini Punjab, Bandra (W).
Cost: Starts at Rs 1,000 per person
Call: 26005225
Log on to:

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