This new Andheri restaurant has dishes inspired by popular TV shows

Oct 05, 2014, 03:21 IST | Deepali Dhingra

The newly-opened Bulldog’s Bar & Grill in Andheri seeks inspiration from popular shows Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones and serves food that’s finger-licking good

Walter White would feel right at home if he ever steps out of the world of Breaking Bad and walks inside the newly-opened Bulldog’s Bar & Grill in Andheri. That’s because the décor and even some of the food and beverages, take inspiration from the American drama series, as well as from Game of Thrones. There’s even a slider called Bacon Bad.

Chicken Sah-Tay was juicy and tender
Chicken Sah-Tay was juicy and tender

So a day before the eatery opened in Andheri, we walked inside to find ourselves in the middle of what seemed like an English pub, down to the names of London’s street signs and paintings inspired from the abovementioned series. Exposed brick walls, wooden chairs, green leather sofas and antique ship lights hanging from the ceiling completed the laid-back look.

The interiors of Bulldog’s Bar & Grill at Andheri
The interiors of Bulldog’s Bar & Grill at Andheri. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

We made ourselves comfortable on the sofas, tapped our feet in tune with the electronic music and scanned the menu. Bulldog’s will get its liquor licence soon and is operating on a daily licence for the time being. Since we were there on a dry day (Gandhi Jayanti), we went ahead and ordered the appetisers. The Caesar Salad (Rs 201) was the first to arrive on the table.

The dish, with fresh lettuce, chicken and parmesan was light on the tummy and the addition of croutons lent it a crunchy texture. Our appetites whet, we were ready for the rest. The Jalapeno Poppers (Rs 151), a crispy combination of jalapeno, cheese and spices was placed on our table and we knew right away that it had been prepared fresh and was not one of those ready-to-fry varieties that we come across in many places. Love at first bite might be a cliché but we’ll happily go with it, as the cheesy poppers melted in our mouth and the jalapeno gave it a tangy touch.

A customer walked in then, only to be told by the restaurant staff that they still are a day away from opening to the public. Tucking in the food, we sent him an apologetic look, and promptly ordered the Nu York Chicken Wings (Rs 271). The wingettes, marinated and fried with barbeque sauce were tangy and tasty on their own and we didn’t end up dipping them in the Labneh dip which accompanied them.

However, if we had to pick the best of the lot, it would have to be the Chicken Sah-tay (Rs 271). We dipped the grilled chicken in the accompanying hot harissa dip and took a bite. And then, we didn’t stop till there was nothing left on the plate, except for a couple of cleanly-licked skewers. The characters in Game of Thrones may be fighting for the throne but here, they would have definitely fought over the last morsel of this juicy and succulent chicken!

We were pretty full by then, but when the waiter brought in the lamb slider, we were tempted to taste it. The soft bun and the tender lamb patty in Run! It’s A Lamb Slide (Rs 101) made it a winner. The surprise element was a single basil leaf inside, that heightened the flavours.

A couple of years ago, there were hardly any eateries on Veera Desai Road and on public holidays, people could be seen playing cricket on the nearly-empty streets. Today, however, there are an umpteen number of food joints and Bulldog’s Bar & Grill, is definitely a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

We cannot rate the experience as it was an invitation.

At: Bulldog’s Bar & Grill, 1, Bharat Ark, Veera Desai Road, Near ICICI Bank, Andheri West
Service: Warm
Food: Comforting
Ambiance: Relaxed
Price: Rs 1,000 for two without alcohol
Call: 26743179

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