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May 12, 2013, 08:58 IST | Moeena Halim

Mumbai's latest warehouse venue � Sitara Studio � will play host to two of dubstep's pioneering producers Skream and Benga tonight

Producers Ollie Jones and Beni Adejumo, aka Skream and Benga, are touring the country for the first time. The duo, performing in the city tonight as part of Escalate, an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) event, is considered to be dubstep’s pioneering producers.

Skream and Benga began producing individually as teenagers. By the time they were 15, they had both cut an album with Big Apple Records. “I’ve always liked music, even when I was really young, and I knew from the age of about nine that I’d be doing music,” admits Benga.

Dubstep, with its reverberating sub-bass, was first born in the bylanes of London’s Croydon in the late ’90s. It has since travelled worldwide becoming one of EDM’s most popular sub-genres. The genre has even made it to Bollywood — remember Ishaqzaade’s Aafaton Ke Parinde?

But Benga is now increasingly keen on breaking out of the dubstep mould. “One of the key things for me is to prove that I as a producer, can keep pushing forward — that I’m the person to look to, for the future,” adds Benga, who has just released his latest album Chapter II. “One thing about my album is it’s very diverse and it is creative but it fits together very well. I’ve got things with crazy chord progressions, and then I have tunes like I Will Never Change, which is heavily in bass music,” he says.

As a duo, Skream and Benga have their share of bass, beats and banter while hosting their radio show on London’s BBC 1. They’re both also part of dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man.

The duo is thrilled about performing to brand new audiences in the city. “It’s always exciting to see people’s reactions to your music if you haven’t been somewhere,” says Benga. And if the organisers are to be believed, the show is going to be legendary!

Escalate, featuring Skream and Benga, Algorhythm, Sound Avtar and Nucleya, will start at 6pm tonight at Sitara Studio, Dadar  

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