Tired of being raped, 20-year-old killed uncle at Gorai beach

May 09, 2012, 06:29 IST | Shiva Devnath

After being violated by 35-yr-old man and his friends, the woman lured him to the spot, where her boyfriend and friend stabbed him, smashed his head with a rock

MiD DAY had reported yesterday that the 35-year-old man, whose dead body had been recovered on Sunday morning at the Gorai beach, had been called to the spot by an unidentified woman (‘Murder victim was called to beach by mystery woman’, May 8).

Beach murder: The accused Mohsin Shaikh and his friend Deepak Bhosle (in veil) stabbed Ramesh Dedhia (35) and smashed his head with a stone

The Crime Branch has promptly traced the woman, who was none other than the man’s own niece-in-law, and had been repeatedly raped and pimped out by him. The 20-year-old woman allegedly conspired with her boyfriend and another friend to kill him, as she wanted to put an end to the repeated rape he had been subjecting her to, over the past year.

The trio was arrested yesterday on charges of the murder of share broker and alleged pimp Ramesh Dedhia (35). After the arrests, Crime Branch officers revealed that the woman had been raped repeatedly by her uncle, who had also sold her services to many of his friends. The woman, who was Dedhia’s sister-in-law daughter, had only shared the information with her boyfriend, but kept it a secret from her aunt or her mother, who works in a bar as a dancer, and stays apart from her.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, 25-year-old Mohsin Shaikh, the woman left Malwani on Saturday evening for Manori beach. Mohsin’s friend Deepak Bhosle was also present. The woman then made a phone call to Dedhia, luring him to Manori beach with the promise of a good time. Eager, Dedhia called his wife up and told her that he wouldn’t be coming home that night. Raghunath Delvi, senior police inspector of Crime Branch unit XI, said that Dedhia was upset when he saw that Mohsin and Bhosle accompanied his niece, and kicked up a fuss.

“Mohsin who was ready with a knife, stabbed Dedhia to death, while Bhosle held him down,” said a police officer from the Crime Branch. To make sure that he did not survive the attack, the two young men smashed Dedhia’s head with a rock and fled the spot. They made one deadly mistake, however, by not bothering to take his mobile phone with them.

For cops who later recovered the phone from near the body, the task was as simple as tracing the number from which Dedhia had received his last phone call before being killed. One of Dedhia’s friends had earlier revealed in his statement that it was that phone call which spurred Dedhia to abandon a game of cards and take a trip to the beach. “With the help of Dedhia’s mobile phone, we traced the number from which the last phone call had been made, and were led to his niece. Our informers tipped us off that that Mohsin and Bhosle would be found at a location in Malwani, and we arrested the two from there,”added the officer. The police have booked all the three for murder and will be handing them over to the Gorai police station. 

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