Tossed out of JJ, forced to beg at Nerul station

Apr 30, 2014, 08:21 IST | Noorfatima Dhunvawala

Physically and mentally challenged Krishna Mane's cup of woes had overflowed before his eventual rescue

Nearly 10 days after JJ Hospital threw Krishna Sudhakar Mane out on the street without completing his treatment or informing the social worker who had admitted him (‘JJ tosses wounded, mentally challenged patient out on street’, mid-day, April 28), the 22-year-old physically and mentally challenged man was found begging at Nerul station.

In the time between April 17, when he was forcibly discharged and had gone missing, and his eventual rescue early this week, Mane had been discovered and forced into beggary by the beggar mafia at Nerul station. Mane’s condition, and the gaping wound on his leg, earned him a lot of alms, but these were beaten out of him by members of the mafia on a nightly basis.

The April 28 mid-day report on JJ Hospital throwing Mane out without finishing his treatment
The April 28 mid-day report on JJ Hospital throwing Mane out without finishing his treatment

The rescue
Mane was rescued only after he managed to call up Siddhividya Thakur, the lawyer-cum-social worker who had got him admitted at JJ. Thakur had been running from pillar to post to locate Mane and received a call from him early this week.

Speaking to mid-day, Thakur said, “Mane had to face a lot of problems and difficulties in these 10 days as he was made to beg at the station. His condition was very bad as he was beaten up by beggars every day. I had been looking for Mane everywhere and I could locate him only because he managed to call me on my cellphone. I rushed to Nerul immediately and when the beggars saw me coming, they ran away from the spot.

I will make sure that strict action is taken against such people so that they don’t do this with anyone else.” A cobbler at Nerul station said, “The beggars always kept an eye on Mane and forced him to beg. They snatched all the alms he got by beating him up, and he couldn’t do anything but cry.”

Safe again
When Mane was thrown out of JJ Hospital on April 17, he went to Sandhurst Road station and called Thakur from a commuter’s cellphone around 1 am. It took Thakur more than an hour to reach the station, which made Mane assume she wasn’t coming.

He boarded a train and got down at Nerul station, where he had been since. Mane is now staying at Good Samaritan Mission (a home for street children) in Vikhroli. Thakur is trying hard to re-admit him to JJ or any other hospital so that his aborted treatment can be completed.

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