Traffic cops' drive nabs 173 rash bikers in Mahim

Mar 29, 2015, 10:00 IST | Delaveen Cherag Tarapore

The police acted on the complaints of the residents of SVS Marg in Mahim

It is not often that we find the Mumbai Traffic Police taking immediate, strict action based on citizens’ complaints. However, on Thursday night, the traffic police was out in full force regulating the traffic flow from 9 pm till early Friday morning, acting on the complaints of the residents of SVS Marg in Mahim.

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The residents faced serious problems on Cadell road as rash bikers attempted to enter a narrow, one-way lane on the road through the wrong entry point. The traffic on this road, usually, moves from Bandra towards Hinduja Hospital from 7 am to 1.30 pm. But bikers often flout the rule. “We have had so many accidents on this lane as even though traffic is supposed to move only in one direction, some rash drivers still come from the opposite direction. It’s a pain for us, especially for our children,” said Tabrez Qureshi, 38, a resident of Mahim.

As the residents issued several complaints to the traffic police, on Thursday night at around 9.15 pm, Anand Mandya, the deputy commissioner of police, eastern suburb, initiated a drive with the help of the traffic police department of Mahim to fine motorcyclists found breaking the rule.

The drive, executed by two police inspectors and around 25 odd police personnel, caught around 173 bikers for rash driving, riding without a helmet and entering the lane from the wrong direction. “I saw the police take strict action against the defaulters. Yesterday, even the DCP made sure every defaulter was made to pay the fine,” said Qureshi.

The drive continued till 2 am on Friday. “We want to curb the menace of bikers driving in from the wrong direction on the one way lane. Those who were caught driving rashly were fined R500 whereas those who entered from the wrong entry point or were not wearing helmets were fined Rs 100. A total fine of approximately R14,000 was collected in those five hours,” said VG Pisal, senior police inspector, Mahim. The drive will continue for one more week.

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