Travel special: Go on a flower trail to Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar Falls

Oct 03, 2014, 06:03 IST | The Guide Team

Don't miss out on the picturesque Kaas Plateau; add the scenic Thoseghar Falls to the trip, and make the most of your weekend adventure

Kaas Plateau, 125 kilometres from Pune, remains a huge draw for its stunning spectacle of flower beds in a riot of colours. The season to witness this amazing landscape continues until early October, and to ensure Punekars don’t miss out on this, The Western Routes is organising a one-day expedition.

The ideal time to visit the Kaas Plateau is until early October
The ideal time to visit the Kaas Plateau is until early October

Jayesh Paranjpe, founder of the Western Routes, explains this annual phenomenon, “The place changes its colours at the end of monsoons and takes up a different avatar with a vivid carpet of flowers. We’ll also be visiting the Thoseghar Falls, which is a
perfect addition.”

Flowers blooming at Kaas Plateau
Flowers blooming at Kaas Plateau

He adds that Kaas in itself is an island and has some rare species of flowers, which do not exist anywhere else, in the world while citing the example of Ground Orchids that should be a must-see on the itinerary.

Kaas turns out to be the destination that can be visited only after the rains, when the flowering takes place on the plateau, lasting for about three to four weeks.

Paranjpe says, “To ensure that one makes the most of this trip, it is advisable to carry along a raincoat and suncoat because the weather can get unpredictable.” Being an ecologically sensitive zone, it also important to follow the rules and not stamp over these flowers or cross barricades or spots restricted to enter by the forest department. Only 20 seats are available. Anyone above three-four years of age can sign up.

On: October 4 
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