Treat yourself to a Egyptian bamboo massage

Aug 25, 2015, 07:55 IST | Suprita Mitter

Bamboo massage, an ancient Egyptian massage technique uses different sizes of bamboos to massage different parts of the body. And while you're at it, try the fish pedicure followed by a bubble gum soak

Yes, the spa is called Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa, and we haven’t spelt it incorrectly. Farooq Merchant, its founder, believes in numerology and decided to spell his new venture accordingly. “We were on a vacation in Malaysia and Singapore a few years ago and were impressed by the exclusive treatments offered there. It immediately struck Zehra, my wife and co-founder of this spa, that Mumbai lacks these kinds of services and treatments and we should bring in a similar feel and experience of Malaysia and Singapore for everyone in the city. It is important that a spa or place of relaxation has a peaceful and positive vibe. Hence, the Vaastu and numerology becomes important,” he told us. The décor of the spa is simple, with bamboo trees lining the walls. What we liked, though, was a little sit-out balcony area, where one can relax and sip on their herbal tea post their massage session.

The bamboo massage effectively releases stress
The bamboo massage effectively releases stress

Fish talk
The Spa claims to be the first in India to introduce the celebrated Doctor Fish therapy in year 2009. The usual duration of the Doctor Fish therapy is 30-40 minutes (Rs 600). We tried this therapy out for ten minutes and felt a strange tingling feeling on our feet as all the fish gathered around them and nibbled at the dead skin on them. “We only use the Garra Ruffa fish found in the rivers of the Middle East. Many Indian spas use the Garra Garra fish that is found in India. The price difference between the two is a lot. The Indian fish, however, start to grow teeth is a year while the Garra Ruffa is completely toothless,” informed Merchant. This was followed by a bubble gum spa pedicure (Rs 900), which is a lavish, hour-long spa pedicure. What set it apart from the usual pedicure was the bubble gum foam conditioner that we soaked our feet in post the pedicure. This left the skin feeling soft and gooey.

Different sizes of bamboos are used to massage different parts of the body
Different sizes of bamboos are used to massage different parts of the body

Sticking to the best
However, our favourite was the spa’s signature Bamboo Massage (Rs 3,000 for 75 minutes), which is a 2,000-year-old treatment, practised in Egypt. Though it lost its familiarity, a few decades ago, a lady from the USA reintroduced this technique, we were told. It is an innovative style of massage therapy and hand-work that works on five elements of the body, that is, fire, earth, wood, water and metal. The unique properties of bamboo are passed to the body to create healing, restoration and balance.

It enhances blood circulation and aids in deep tissue healing, spasms, trigger points as well as the elimination of toxins. The Bamboo Massage is an intense pressure massage. “We use bamboos made in New Zealand; they retain heat for a longer time. We heat the bamboo for about half hour prior to the massage. Once the massage is done, we clean it with salt water to remove all the negative energies that the bamboo absorbs,” explained Merchant.

Before we started the massage, we filled in a short medical form about allergies, diseases and restrictions that we had. When we tried this unique massage, that is combination of hand massage and bamboos, we felt the stress disappear from certain parts of our body, as our expert masseuse, Aza, used gentle yet firm movements with different bamboo sizes for different body parts. The biggest one was used for the back and the legs, a thinner one for the shoulders and a tiny one for the feet. We are not sure about the release of the toxins but this massage certainly left us all refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

At: First floor, flat no 102, behind Shivanjali Apartment, next to Beauty Furnishings, Khar (W).
Time:11 am to 9 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Call: 65656649/65657749

Our take
If you really want to pamper yourself, we would advise you to book yourself into the 75-minute Bamboo Massage, put your phone on silent, and make a request for Aza to be your masseuse. We guarantee bliss. Make sure you ask them to lower the air-conditioning. We got lucky as our masseuse was almost intuitive.

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