'Trespassing' T-series owner sparks riot at Oshiwara society

Jan 25, 2013, 07:01 IST | Shiva Devnath

A riot broke out outside the gate of a plush society in Oshiwara between personal guards of the owner of T-series music company and its employees on the one hand, and security personnel of the building complex and its residents on Thursday evening, over claims of trespassing

According to the security guards of Oberoi Springs society, T-series head Bhushan Kumar (in pic), son of deceased music personality Gulshan Kumar, had trespassed into the society to get to the other side of the road. Residents of the society said Kumar arrived in his Rolls Royce at 4 pm. When the security guards, including watchman Sanjay Jha, asked him to take the road, Kumar’s bodyguard got off the car for a verbal spat.

Bhushan Kumar
Bhushan Kumar

Residents said when the security guards tried to stop Kumar and his retinue, his men bashed up Jha and another guard. Realising that a brawl had broken out, which left Jha bleeding, residents rushed down. But Bhushan’s bodyguard held up a gun to threaten them. They, however, one-upped the ‘trespassers’ by closing the gate and sealing the exit for Bhushan’s car.

By this time, employees of T-series, which has its office opposite to the building, came out and forced the gate open, and began scuffling with the residents. Society members called up the Amboli police who broke up the racket and rushed Jha to the hospital. Kumar had, by now, left the premises.

Vinod Bhanushali, president of marketing and media publicity for T-series, said that Kumar was paying a visit to music director Anand Raj Anand who stays in the society’s B-wing. “When Bhushan entered the society, security guards intercepted his car and began arguing with his guard Devendra and driver Babulal. An argument broke out and the society guards began beating the two,” said Bhanushali.

Bhanushali said Bhushan’s entourage hit back only in defence. When T-series employees saw their colleagues being pounded, they rushed to the society’s gate in protest, demanding that Bhushan’s car be allowed to go,” he added.

API Rajendra Kane of the Amboli police station said that they have sent the guards of both the parties for medical examination, after which they will register a case against them for rioting. “We are investigating the case and have acquired CCTV footage from the society,” said SI Harishchandra Vhatkar.

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